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We are talent management for actors, actresses and models, etc., who are interested in, or currently  booked for casting jobs seeking talent management representation, and or to secure a talent agent in television, films, commercials, print, and even music videos. We work vigorously to forge healthy and lasting relationships with casting, as well as talent agents domestically and abroad to afford the virtually unknown talented individual a chance to hone their craft. Adhering to the creed, "It's Not what you know, it's Who You Know".

Talent Manager @Socialbilitty is the brainchild of our Founder & CEO, to include in our mission to develop Talented individuals, as well as to define the differences between a Talent Manager, and Talent Agent. And to identify why many talented individuals are most often not recognized by Hollywood. We exist to breakdown misconceptions that you might get "discovered" by a big time Producer, or Agent by accident.  As well as to remind talented individuals that it's most important to discover yourself, and merely let others be a witness to your brilliance.

We also encourage talent to make connections on their own, and to develop an understanding that it's not about one single job, it's about their entire career that's most important. We offer free consultations to find out needs and personalities of clients to have the best knowledge and direction to to take when shaping and molding careers. With many years of experience within the entertainment industry, as in knowing both needs of Casting, and Management Clients, we provide methods for talent that is robust in developing long-lasting careers within the entertainment industry.

Talent Manager @Socialbilitty also provides talented individuals with expert advise for training and tools for their craft. However, we do not charge any upfront fees whatsoever, such as acting classes, photography, website listings, submissions, memberships, annual fees, registration, administration fees, housing fees, nor do we collect any money from our clients, other than any management client's contracted percentage of commissions earned through work booked through our company, together with a client's agent, and or attorney. Nor do we have any financial interest in any photography services,  nor do we offer any headshots and or résumé services.

Any photographer we recommend to a client is by reference only, not a commission in any sales or ad campaigns, or part of any profit whatsoever. This is required of us by the Talent Managers Association and we believe in this necessity wholeheartedly.

Even though Socialbilitty.com in and of itself offers other services such as events, entertainment trade show opportunities, social mixers, filmmaker contests and social networking memberships, it's all separate from Talent Manager @Socialbilitty, however these other services are free to all our management clients if they do so choose to participate for networking purposes only. We also serve in the capacity of an Independent Film & TV Production Company, still our management clients do not pay any upfront fees for any service. We work strictly on a commission basis for our management clients.

With Hollywood now in flux, and diversity becoming paramount, there are so many new and exciting ways film and television is being produced and distributed such as, Netflix Originals and Amazon Studios. All we ask of our clients is to be open to try new and inventive ways to shine, and not succumb to desperation. A star shines whether or not anyone sees it, our job as Talent Managers however is to motivate You, the creative talent to position yourself to be in front of those who can see you shine, this is what Talent Manager @Socialbilitty is all about, and this type of forward thinking is called, "thinking outside the box". 


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